Our commitment to security

The security of your business and confidential data is very important to us, and we believe we have a responsibility to protect our subscribers against hackers and other threats. To do that, we’ve set up a high level and comprehensive security system to make sure the only person with access to your data is you.


There’s a lot of technical jargon on this page—part of what makes Kwotimation so great is that when you sign up with us, you’re free to worry about you and your business while we worry about the technical bits behind the scenes.

Comprehensive security

We build all of our software to OWASP standards and all new code that gets written is put through a review process before it’s added to our software.

Backups and redundancy

We take snapshot backups of all data in the Kwotimation system once every hour, and a complete backup every week. These backups are stored in three different regions of Australia. To be extra safe, we also download all of the data in our system once per month and store it offline at our Auckland-based office.


Even if a natural disaster were to completely wipe out our servers, we’ll still be able to completely restore all of your data. We use best of class, industry-standard storage protocols to make sure your data stays safe.


All information we store is encrypted so that if an attacker gets physical access to our servers, they won’t be able to read anything on them. Your password cannot be read even by Kwotimation staff members.

Secure connection

When you connect to Kwotimation or a customer connects to your Kwotimation website, the address bar at the top of the browser will have a green box showing that the connection is secure. All data sent from your computer to us is encrypted via a bidirectional HTTPS encryption process.

Credit card data

Kwotimation does not store any credit card data. We partner with Stripe to handle payments on our platform, which is a big company that’s been in the business of online payments for over a decade. To learn more about Stripe’s commitment to security, you can read more about their procedures and protocols on their website.

Regular updates

While we don’t process credit card information ourselves, we are still required to be in compliance with PCI-DSS requirements around credit card processing in order to partner with Stripe. This means we install all security patches to software we use internally at Kwotimation within a week of those updates being made available. Staying up to date means we don’t get caught out by newly discovered vulnerabilities.

Data ownership

We don’t own your data and will never hold it to ransom. We see ourselves as the kaitiaki—guardians—of your data, which means that while we endeavour to keep your sensitive information secure, you are the person who owns it. If you ever need to get your data out of Kwotimation then you can send us an email and we’ll send you over everything we have within one week of receiving your request—no questions asked.

Strong internal controls

We exclusively use Mac computers at our business—the most secure in the world—and follow industry standard protocols around password management and data access. Employees of Kwotimation only have access to the data they absolutely need in order to complete their jobs.

Any other questions?

If you have any questions at all about our security practices or have concerns about your website, then please get in touch with us so that we can help you out. We aim to respond to security-related inquiries within one working day to ensure you have ultimate peace of mind as a Kwotimation subscriber.