Press Kit


Kwotimation is a New Zealand technology company which provides fully managed digital services to tradies in New Zealand and Australia. Founded by tilers, Kwotimation's first product was the "online pricing system" which allows customers of tradies to get contactless quotes online. Towards the end of 2021, Kwotimation also started offering website hosting services. Kwotimation is continuously improving its suite of products, and offers the simplest way for tradies in New Zealand and Australia to digitise their business.


The Kwotimation logo comes in two variations for use against light and dark backgrounds. In general, the logo should be used on a white background to maximise visual clarity. In situations where a dark background must be used, the inverted version can be used—but please avoid using the inverted logo with a strongly saturated background colour.




Kwotimation's mark can be used in contexts where the brand name is implied by the surrounding context such as social media profile pictures. Please try to use the vector image versions in our press kit to avoid quality loss from resizing.



Our logo consists of two colours: Kūmara Gold and Mako Black. Shark Grey can be used as a secondary accent colour on page elements.

Kūmara Gold


Mako Black


Shark Grey

Our Name

Kwotimation (/kwəʊtɪˈmeɪʃən/) is pronounced by joining the words "quote" and "estimation" together as in "quote-imation." Kwotimation is a single word and the letter K is always capitalised.


When showing our product, you should use unaltered screenshots. Please do not scale the contents of screenshots for display as this causes the resulting image to be of lower quality. If you do not need a full screen of context, then consider using selective dimming to draw attention to a specific part of the product's UI while still keeping its surroundings in view. Attempt to keep some amount of spacing between UI elements and the edge of the screenshot.

Using our Brand

Please do not edit or change our logo, and do not use our name, logos, or screenshots of our products or websites in a manner which could be confusing or misleading.

Recent headlines

"Ngahere Talks - Josh Faraimo & Jarome Cavubati"

22 July 2021

Josh and Jarome feature on the Ngahere Talks podcast and talk about the journey of Kwotimation.

"Early Stage Startup Story: Josh Faraimo, Kwotimation"

15 April 2021

Josh Faraimo features on NZ Tech Podcast with Paul Spain and talks about the process of moving from running a tiling company to running a tech company.

"Māori trades start-up raises $500k, sparks interest from venture capitalists"

1 March 2021

New Zealand Herald reports on our journey securing investment for Kwotimation's initial launch.

"Kiwi startup saves tradies time and money"

19 February 2021

Josh Faraimo features on NZ Tech Podcast with Paul Spain and talks about the process of moving from running a tiling company to running a tech company.

Hillfarrance quarterly update

Q3 2020

The Hillfarrance venture capital fund announces that they are leading Kwotimation's pre-seed investment round.