Why you need a custom domain for your trades business

Updated: Feb 7

Businesses all over the world are working to get online in order to benefit from the power of the Internet. Being online means gaining the ability to reach thousands of new customers at all times — even ones who are scrolling their phones on the toilet.

Part of getting online is picking your web address. Your web address is the “URL” your customers type into their browser in order to access your website, and the address you pick can have a big impact on how well your website performs.

Kwotimation’s web address is “”. Easy.

Most website builders will give you a generic or platform-branded web address — like “” from WordPress. While these generic domains are certainly a lot better than not being online in the first place, they’re not ideal.

A custom domain (sometimes called a “vanity domain”) such as is much better. Domain names can be purchased directly from a registrar such as GoDaddy or Namecheap, or can be bought as part of an all-in-one website package like what we offer. Getting a domain and website at the same time keeps things simple because you can deal with just one company.

But why would you want to get a custom domain? It boils down to three key reasons:

  1. Branding. A custom domain promotes your brand, which is the best reason to get one. Using a generic, platform-branded domain means that your business’ name is shown right next to another company’s name which reduces the visibility of your branding. More eyes on your brand means more potential customers!

  2. Trust. A custom domain communicates to customers that you are a serious business. The prevalence of online scams means that people are skeptical of clicking unknown links, and a custom domain that’s clearly associated with your business can help boost customers‘ trust of your website.

  3. Discoverability. A custom domain boosts your ranking on search engines like Google. Search engines prioritize their results based on the root URL which means that having your own domain — and not a subdomain — will help your website appear higher up on Google. Additionally, it’s a lot easier for people to remember a custom domain compared to a longer platform-branded domain which makes it really easy to share your website with other people.

How to get a custom domain

Getting a custom domain is really easy if you‘re using Kwotimation to build your website. All of our websites come with a custom domain, and during signup you’ll have the ability to look for and purchase the domain you feel best matches you and your business.

If you have any questions about getting a custom domain through Kwotimation, or any of our other products then please get in touch with us today by either emailing or calling us.