Turn five days into five minutes: Save you and your customers time

Updated: Feb 7

Have you thought about what your customers go through in order to get a price for your service?

It can be a timely and frustrating process. Trust us, we’ve been through it and have asked around!

Just think about this real life example:

You want to get your bathroom tiled so you first look online for a local tile contractor’s website, or travel to a tile showroom to ask for recommendations. You fill out an online enquiry form and send it to the contractor and wait for their response. You then speak to the tiler over the phone and schedule a visit to your home in order for them to see the work requirements and then to charge you accordingly. While you take time off work or organise someone else to be home to discuss the job, the tiler has to reschedule or is running late due to other work commitments or delays. When they do come to discuss what you want done and see the work requirements, you then have to wait until the tiler has gone away and had time to write up the quote and send it to you.

This is a long and often delayed process that can easily take up to five days — and shopping around to get a variety of quotes means even more time spent.

How about if you could make that process a whole lot easier for both yourself and the customer?

Now think about this real life example:

You want to get your bathroom tiled so you first look online for a local tile contractor’s website. You find one that’s offering an Online Pricing System from Kwotimation so you select the services you require, input the measurements for your project and then click submit to instantly receive a quote into your email.

This process is a whole lot easier and it can easily as little as five minutes!


Now imagine the amount of leads that will be generated if you could offer this instant pricing service to your customers online. The other fantastic thing about our online pricing system is that it comes packaged with our websites, so you don’t need to already be online to benefit from it!

While leads do not guarantee sales (a conversation for another time) it does open you up to a huge potential of new work that you didn’t have before. You also haven’t wasted your time, effort and money leaving jobs, travelling to sites and providing quotes to people who are simply price checking or looking for the lowest price.

Give your customers what they deserve, sign up for your own OPS and start experiencing the benefits of kwoting today!