Kwotimation: Your best partner for going digital

At Kwotimation we do not shy away from shouting out the benefits of taking your trades business online. We believe in the value that it can add to the lives of the millions of tradies operating in New Zealand and Australia because we've been there ourselves. Kwotimation was born out of a tiling company in Auckland, New Zealand so we have great understanding and empathy for small trades businesses!

We believe that more value needs to be placed on tradies and their wellbeing as we are a key driver in economic development. Without tradies working hard day in and day out there are no buildings, no roads, and no running water—every country in the world depends on tradies to do their job well. Despite being such an important group, however, the trades sector is largely taken for granted and overlooked by most people.

"I'm not just a tile business owner. I have a wife and I have a kid, and to be able to spend more time with them is... the difference that [having a website] made for me." — Josh Faraimo, Founder of Kwotimation

At Kwotimation, we appreciate that tradespeople are highly competent and qualified in their area of expertise and our mission is to give more power to tradies in order to improve their sales and operations, and help them live better and easier lives.

We're proud to say that we are the only tech company out there that specifically focuses on getting tradies online. We're not interested in selling to photographers or restaurants, which allows us to concentrate all of our energy into serving the needs of tradies.

"I have been using Kwotimation now for a good while. These guys are very professional and extremely easy to deal with. Every time I have needed something or questions to be answered, they have delivered with a 5star response" — Gavin Brady, Diamond Tile Installations

In addition to the usual features you’d expect from a website builder, Kwotimation also offers three unique features designed specifically for the trades:

  1. Interactive kwotes. Keeping on top of variations requested by your customers and organising documents is almost a full-time job on its own. Kwotimation comes equipped with a web-based quote that you and your customer use to communicate with each other, make changes, and get paid for work in one place. No more digging through emails.

  2. Online pricing system. Select industries have access to an online pricing system which lets customers price their own jobs on your website—your pricing, our software. No more driving around town spending time quoting work for free.

  3. Product selling. Tilers can sell tiles on their Kwotimation website and earn 25% of the sale price. A job which needs $1,000 of tiles puts another $250 in your pocket without needing to lift a finger. We’ve done the hard work of negotiating with suppliers so that you can earn real cash from the tiles you’re laying.

We deliver a best-in-class product that will only continue to get better in future. On top of that, we also have a dedicated support team who are devoted to helping you make the most of both Kwotimation and any other services or software your business is using.

"If you want to save your time, you know, save your money... sign up with Kwotimation. You don't need to think, you know? Just make it easy." — Hwan Kim, Universe Tiling

Ultimately, we know what difficulties you face and we want to give your business a competitive edge. When you sign up to Kwotimation, you‘re not just purchasing software: you’re entering a partnership with us and joining our movement for a stronger and more sustainable trades sector.

Sign up today and see why we aren’t just the only choice for tradies—but also the best.