Combining your business and tech the easy way

Updated: Feb 7

Whether you have been operating your trades business for a number of years and have several employees, or if you are just starting out on your own, there is a good chance that we can create an Online Pricing System (OPS) for you. This is because the OPS can be used by so many businesses; old or new, big or small. All your business needs to do is provide a service and charge this service out on a quantifiable amount (e.g., $70 a square foot or $25 a foot). Ultimately, we endeavour to be able to get an OPS for any business, this is why we offer the ability to create a custom OPS in our system packages when choosing one for yourself. However, if you are unsure about your particular service then simply get in touch with us to see how we can help.

Now that you know who can get an OPS let me go over other hesitations you may have in regards to this new technology.

Businesses have difficulties integrating technology

While there are more and more technologies being introduced into the construction and trades industries, there is a real challenge that businesses face when integrating these technologies into their operations. JBKnowledge, a technology solutions company for the construction industry, found that:

  • 57% of businesses were ‘considering’ using technology into their operations

  • 36% of businesses have not implemented technology because it did not fit into their current processes and procedures

  • 40% of businesses have not implemented technology due to lack of support

  • 37% of businesses have not implemented technology due to budget concerns

  • 32% of businesses have not implemented technology due to employee hesitation

We know that the majority of businesses want to use technology in order to help them become more effective. The problem is that a lot of these businesses have difficulty seeing where to use the technology and how it benefits them. They are also afraid that it will cost too much and that they will not understand the technology. We understand these concerns and have had this business empathy at the forefront during the creation of the OPS.

The OPS has been created in order to give business owners a very user friendly experience at the best possible price. Once you sign up, there will be video tutorials on how you navigate the backend of the OPS. This includes how to make changes in regards to what service you offer and how much you charge for that service. It also includes how to change what the OPS looks like for your customers and how to change the text of the ‘kwote’ in order to personalise it to your business.

Subscribers will also be included into an online community forum where Kwotimation will be regularly providing updates regarding business and OPS tips, scheduled software upgrades, business marketing, latest industry news and much more. You will also be able to contact Kwotimation support staff with any enquiries and they will get back to you within a timely manner. We care for your business and we want to assure you that you will be comfortable with using the new technology and you will see how it fits into your operations and how you benefit.

As a cost-effective and customisable solution, the OPS will help you conquer the challenges of quoting and as a result increase your profitability from the day you sign up and beyond.