Add as many pages as you'd like to your Kwotimation website

At Kwotimation, we're all about making simple software that works out of the box with no fuss. We know how busy tradies are and how valuable their time is so we aren't interested in making complicated solutions that take a week to get set up. All of our products are ready to go within minutes of signing up—and they always will be.

At the same time, we also realize that every trades business is unique and at different stages in their journey. Today, we're announcing a huge new feature for our website builder which is designed for businesses who need a more complicated website: you can now add as many web pages as you'd like to your website! This means you can have an "About us" page, or a page for each of the services your business offers to customers.

This is the biggest update we've made yet to our website builder and it's available free of charge to all existing Kwotimation subscribers, and for new subscribers the price to sign up is still unchanged.

After signing up you'll be able to access the revamped website builder which allows you to create, organise, and update pages on your website.

If you don't need multiple pages on your website just yet then that's fine—you can keep using Kwotimation as you currently are. But you can rest assured that when your business does grow to the point where you need a few more pages of content, the Kwotimation website builder can grow right alongside you..

If you have any questions about this brand new feature, please get in touch with us and one of the team will help you out as soon as possible.