Our online pricing system makes your customer put the work in to get a quote.

Customers expect to get quotes for free, which means you need to drive to their place and spend your valuable time pricing up projects. We built the online pricing system to flip the script and save tilers time. We call using the online pricing system 'kwoting', and you're going to love it.


Quoting is hard.

Pricing a job isn't just a matter of measuring how large the space is and calling it a day. A proper quote needs to account for the size of the job, the combination of services needed, the quality of the area to begin with, and a wide variety of other details.

We know this because we're tradies too, and we originally built the online pricing system for ourselves. Check it out below.

Click here to download a real accepted quote our system made for us when we were running our tiling business.

How does online pricing work?

It's a dead easy four step process for your customer. Anyone can do it.


The customer chooses which areas of the job site they need worked on -- like a bathroom or kitchen. No job is too large for the pricing system, so your customers can choose as many areas as they'd like and even add multiple of the same area.



They then choose the services each area needs and provide measurements. The pricing system helps prevent customers from picking service combinations which don't make sense -- for instance, they can't pick underfloor heating without first picking floor tiling.



For certain trades, customers can also purchase products for the job -- such as the tiles they want installed. When customers purchase products from your pricing system, you earn a portion of the sale.



Finally the customer puts in their contact details. Once they save their price, both you and them will receive an email with a link to your shared interactive kwote.


Make tweaks when you need to

For those one-of-a-kind jobs

Prices generated by the online pricing system are pretty accurate, but sometimes customers need special one-off work that doesn't neatly fit with how we designed the system.

In these situations, you can manually create custom services and set your own price. Our pricing solution works for everything so you don't need to learn multiple systems.

Not ready to make the leap?

We know that everyone's at different stages when it comes to getting online.

Not everyone is ready to trust a piece of software with a part of their business that's as important as quoting. We get that--which is why we also offer a manual quoting solution.

Clicking the "create" button on your Kwotimation dashboard will give you a blank "interactive kwote" which you can fill out with services and prices, and then send off to the customer with a click of a button.

Making a quote manually with Kwotimation is similar to what you're doing now--but it's way better. Our interactive kwotes have tons of features which make tracking variations, invoicing, and figuring out tax and materials dead simple. And if you don't like the system you can download your interactive kwotes as PDF files at any time.

Everything to do with pricing.


Customers pick the areas and services they need worked on along with their measurements.

Ready for Mobile

The online pricing system works great on mobile, letting customers get prices for their jobs on the go.


When customers get an online price, they can add comments about the job to provide further information or ask questions.

Customer Details

Capture valuable customer details like their name, address, and contact details so you can follow up faster.

Site Photos

Customers can attach images of the job site, so you know what you're working on without needing to drive out.

Surface Quality

Customers are made to indicate the quality of the job site--whether it's ready to go today, or if it needs some prep work first.



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