Getting your website setup in  3 simple steps 

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Create your own personalised business web address.

Input your business name and industry, then choose your primary business colour.

We believe every tradie deserves to have an awesome website. And now you can without having to spend a lot of time or money.






Add a website to your team and start saving time

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Tradie Profit

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Automated Pricing

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Interactive Kwoting

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Make your website a job pricing machine

At Kwotimation™ we are passionate about saving tradies their time, so we developed the world's first Online Pricing System.

The Online Pricing System transforms your website into a tool that can price jobs for your customers. It takes into account the size and difficulty of the job, and uses your rates to price jobs for your customers accurately. It's your pricing, your rates, your services and your customers.

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Once you have uploaded your pricing rates, your website will be able to use this information to price work for your customers.

Customers love using the pricing system because they can get a price when and where they want. Tradies also love it too because they don't need to spend all their spare time pricing up jobs. 

It's your pricing and our software that can create a better experience for your customers and free up more time for you.

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    Save Time & Money

Instead of travelling to price jobs. Give your customers what they want. An easy to use pricing system that they can access anywhere and anytime.

    Price Every Job

Don't miss out on potential "money makers." Price every job by using your own personalised pricing system.

    Interactive Kwoting

When a customer uses your Online Pricing System and submits a price, you are able to chat, ammend prices and view critical job information on the Interactive Kwote.

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Communicate better with your customers

Pricing jobs can be a difficult task. Our Interactive Kwote makes this process easier by keeping all of your conversations, price amendments and pictures in one place.

The Interactive Kwote also allows you to create custom services for your customers if they need a service not provided on the Online Pricing System. 

-  Tradie and customer access (any device)

-  Job breakdowns

-  Chat portal

-  Job map location

-  Make changes

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   Everything to do with pricing 
   in one easy to use place 

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    Tradie & Customer Access

Allowing you and your customers to create and edit a price, making it easier to get an accepted quote. You will both recieve emails when changes are submitted (customers can only suggest changes).

    Chat Portal

Instead of going back and forth with a customer about the details of a price, the chat portal stores all of your conversations on the Interactive Kwote. This will help free up your email and phone of unnecessary messages, and save you from digging through old conversations.

    Accept or Decline 

Both you and your customers are able to make changes to a price. But in order for a customer's changes to be applied, you - the tradie - will need to accept them.

When both parties have agreed on a price, simply click Accept and schedule the job into your calender.


Make money on the products you install and work with

At Kwotimation™ we are passionate about tradies earning more money. We find ways to save or make our customers money.

    Seeing profits increase for tilers


Contractors often leave a lot of money on the table when it comes to maximising business profit. We help many tilers change this for their business.

Tilers typically make nothing on the tiles they install. But with Kwotimation, and our partnership with a popular local supplier, tilers can create a website that prices jobs and also sells tiles directly to their customers. We want tilers (and soon other trades) to be earning money on the products they work with.

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Grow your business the easy way with a website

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