What is the Online Pricing System? (OPS)

The OPS is a computer software that allows your customers to price their own work. You will need to select what services you provide and what you charge for those services, and the OPS will do the rest! This tool can be placed on your website and social media pages or simply as a link that you can send to a potential customer via an email or text message.

How does the OPS work?

We have created a software that combines your charges with our sophisticated formulas to generate an accurate quote based on measurements that a customer puts into the OPS. There are numerous ways that the price is determined and this is based on your choice of formula.

What is included in the price generated by the OPS?

The price takes into account the cost of the materials you state are needed for each service as well as the labour needed to carry out the work for each service. The price is calculated by the charges you set through your login page.

How do I know when someone has used the OPS?

When a price is generated by the OPS, you will receive an email detailing all the aspects of that enquiry: what services they have selected and what measurements (and other inputs) they have made. This includes the details of the customer, photos of area/work and critical job information such as the materials and quantities needed and the cost of the project to your business.

Can I change the quoted price to the customer?

Yes. The quoted price is subject to a discussion between you and the customer to gain an understanding of the job and if necessary the price is also subject to a site inspection. If there is anything that the customer has not considered then you will have an opportunity to bring this up to them and amend the price as needed; or use the OPS again with the correct information.

Do I need a website to get an OPS?

Not at all. We will provide you with the option of linking the OPS with a website and/or social media pages but in addition to this you will also be provided with a link that you can put into text messages or emails for potential customers to access.

How much customisation is available to me?

The OPS has been created with your needs in mind. We know that you need to have your OPS to reflect your business. Therefore, you can upload your business logo and choose your business colours; making it look like your very own product! Further customisation is available upon request to info@kwotimation.com

Can I use my own terms and conditions?

Absolutely, and we recommend that you do! However, we have created a general template that subscribers can use, or edit as necessary, and then add to the OPS.

How can I select my services and change my charges?

Within 24 hours of your sign up payment confirmation, you will receive a personal login email to the OPS. Here you can choose from a range of preset services for your industry or simply create a new service if it is not available. This gives you the ability to price anything that can be quantified in your field!

How often can I change my prices

For each service you select you will need to input your charge for carrying out that service. This can be changed as frequently as necessary with your personal login details.

Is the OPS user friendly?

Careful thinking has been given to how the OPS is designed, from both a customer and business standpoint. Here are some of the features we’ve built in to make the system as customizable and user friendly as possible:

  • The ability to create new service fields.
  • The ability to show only the services you provide.
  • The ability to choose the primary colour of your OPS.
  • The ability to upload your business logo. 
  • The provision of video tutorials for how to navigate the OPS. 

Does the OPS work offline?

Unfortunately not. The web software is dependent on a live internet connection to operate. This means that to access your backend or for your customers to get a quote from the frontend, you and they will need access to the internet.

Is there an app for the OPS?

The short answer is not currently. However, we are in the process of developing a phone app that subscribers can use to more easily access and change prices and other functionalities (e.g., apply a price surcharge during busy periods).

Can’t find your product?

We endeavour to build on the products and materials inventory available for you to choose from. This inventory is being added to on a continuous basis. If there are products and materials that you use and are not included in our inventory, please email your specific product to info@kwotimation.com.

Can’t find your service?

We want to be able to provide all services that our community offers to the general public. If you can’t find a service that you offer in the list of services, please email your specific service with a brief description to info@kwotimation.com.

Can’t find your category?

We want to be able to provide all categories of services that our community offers to the general public. If you can’t find a service that you offer in the list of services, please email your specific service with a brief description to info@kwotimation.com.

How do I add or change my logo?

Simply access your account settings by moving the cursor over your name in the top right corner of the OPS backend. You will be able to upload your business logo here, which will be automatically pre-set on the frontend, client email and price PDF file.

My clients are not receiving my price?

Not to worry, everytime someone uses your OPS their enquiry is created and stored for you on the backend. To access their enquiry all you need to do is go to My Kwotes in your account and search their name. You’ll be able to check that their email was entered correctly and make changes and easily re-send with the correct one if needed.

Syncing with Third-Party Accounting Software?

We are working towards an update that will enable your pricing to be automatically sent from Kwotimation to your chosen accounting software. This will offer you seamless record keeping capabilities. Keep up to date all future updates on our Facebook group. Watch this space!

Can I use the OPS to change a price?

You can easily amend a price enquiry by re-submitting the correct information from an enquirer into your OPS. We are working towards a function that enables you to amend prices on the backend and easily re-send the price to the enquirer. Keep up to date all future updates on our Facebook group. Watch this space!

Can I invoice a client on the OPS?

The short answer is no. However, we have had this concept in mind from the start and are currently working towards being able to offer you this functionality. Keep up to date all future updates on our Facebook group. Watch this space!

Forgotten Your User Name or Password?

If you cannot remember your password, the first point of action is the check your email inbox. After sign up, we send you your chosen password and a quick search of ‘kwotimation’ should uncover this. If this fails, then follow the ‘Forgot Password?’ messages on the login page.

Problems Receiving Password Reset Email?

If you cannot find your password reset email, please check your spam/junk folder in your email. If you find the email here, you may need to mark the email as ‘not spam’ before the links contained in the email will work.

Still having trouble? Simply email us at support@kwotimation.com

How safe is my data with the OPS?

We take data security very seriously by using the best in class hosting service provider Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS implements real-time data backup, which means as your data is written to our servers, it is automatically backed up and copied across to a standby server.

What contract options are available?

The OPS is available to you on a monthly subscription basis. A one time setup fee may be charged (unless stated otherwise in an official promotion) in order to create your account, and if additional requirements are requested by you (e.g., creation of a business website) then a quoted price will be determined.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes! Simply send an email to info@kwotimation.com requesting your cancellation to the OPS. You will be charged for a final month of usage so please ensure that you cancel subscription before the payment transaction of the following month

How do I change my account and payment details?

Simply access your account and payment details by moving the cursor over your given name in the top right corner of the OPS backend. You will be able to update your personal details, business social media accounts, business logo and payment details all in one place.

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