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$49 Smart Websites For Smart Tradies

For Tradies who want their websites to work just as hard as they do.
-  Free Hoodie with every sign up
-  Ready to go websites
-  Unlimited Add Ons
-  Custom Domain

"Kwotimation has helped improve my time management. I am now home for dinners and have way more free time in my weekends, which used to be taken up quoting jobs. "

Tavita Isaac - Inspire Living

"I joined Kwotimation on a Tuesday and by Friday I had already received two quotes."

Hwan Kim - Universe Tiling



The easiest way to get your tradie business online

At Kwotimation™ we are passionate about giving tradies a website that is affordable and easy to make.

Our websites come with pre-filled text and images that you can edit anytime. This means that you don't need to spend weeks making your website.

Our Add Ons are great additions to turn any website into one of the team. Whether it's automation, quoting or advertising, our add ons will see you right.

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We have already added the text and images you need for your website

Type your business name, select your industry and create your website. Images and text will be ready for any changes you may want to make.

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Websites designed to attract more customers to your business

Our websites have been created to generate more awareness and sales for our users. Add Ons and a custom domain help set your website apart.

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Add Ons: save your time, create more revenue and grow your business

Whether you want to save time on quoting or make money on the products you work with. We have all the accessories you need.

Ready-to-go websites for  tradies  to grow your business



Your Website, Your Way

Making a website is usually an incredibly time-consuming and frustrating process.​ The goal of Kwotimation is to make this process easy.

  1. 1.   TYPE your business name

  2. 2.  SELECT your trade industry (e.g. tiling)

  3. 3.  CLICK "create website" and you're done!

Setting up your own website has never been easier.

Start experiencing how a website can help your business.


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Access from any device, anywhere.

Our websites are optimised for viewing on any device. So no matter what device your customers may have, they will be able to view your website.

Importantly, you can also create and make changes to your website, and set up add ons on any device too. You don't need a laptop, you can do this on your phone!

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    Pre-Filled Text and Images

Instead of travelling to price jobs. Give your customers what they want. An easy to use pricing system that they can access anywhere and anytime.

    Select your own domain

Your account also includes your own personalised custom domain (e.g. www.mytiler.co.nz) for no extra cost!

    Ready for Add Ons

When a customer uses your online pricing system and submits a price, you are able to chat, negotiate price and view critical job information on the Interactive Kwote.


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 Add Ons  make your website a part of the team

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