Smart pricing software for tilers 

The world's only automated pricing solution for New Zealand and Australian tilers 
Instant access, all the features.

"Kwotimation has helped improve my time management. I am now home for dinners and have way more free time in my weekends, which use to be taken up quoting jobs. "

Tavita Isaac - Inspire Living

"I joined Kwotimation on a Tuesday and by Friday I had already received two quotes."

Hwan Kim - Universe Tiling


"I hate home advisor, builders crack, airtasker and all that other shit. It's just a race to the bottom"

"3 hours to quote a job? Yeah sounds about right, except I only get every second one which usually means that I'm spending 6 hours for every accepted quote. 

"Don't build another airtasker or buiderscrack"

" The reason why these internet companies suck is because they focus on making it better for consumers, not us tradesman


"I spend 9 hours a week easily on quoting jobs for customers"

"So Im guessing this must cost an arm and a leg?

"I don't want to give a f'*'king percentage of my job to some software company who doesn't work for a living"

" I make no money on the tiles that I install

I don't want to spend $5000 on a bloody website

Sometimes I get to a customers house and can just tell they are going to go with a cheaper tiler.

"I hate it when a customer says no to my quote"


The easiest way to price tiling jobs while making more money.

At Kwotimation™ we are passionate about tilers saving their time while making more money, so we developed the worlds first online pricing system.


Online Pricing System

Transforms your website (don't worry we will make you one if you don't have a website) into a pricing tool that will price jobs for your customers. It takes into account the size and difficulty of the job and uses your rates to price jobs for your customers accurately. It's your pricing, your rates, your services and your customers.


Make Money
The average tiler touches $80,000 worth of tiles every year yet
 makes NOTHING on these tiles!


We are fixing this.

Send prices without doing anything

Send custom prices by doing nothing at all

Kwotimation uses your personal service rates to generate a price specific to each individual enquiry. 


Make 25% on the tiles you purchase or sell on your website

This feature is only available in New Zealand. Click below to have your input on who should supply tiles in your area.


Get your business online and working for you

Our software lives on your website, instantly creating prices based on job details provided by enquirers.

Fast, easy pricing.

No travel, no wasted time.

More passive profit.  



Eliminate wasted time

Pricing is incredibly time-consuming and when someone declines a price, that time is wasted.

​The goal of Kwotimation is to cut out this wasted time by enabling enquirers to price their own jobs using simple measurements and your service rates. 

Start experiencing the better way of pricing tiling jobs with our technology.

Setting up your account is easy.

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Easy 3 step process for your customers

Once your account is set up, your tiling business will now have a website that will be able to price work for your potential customers.

They will be able to get a price from you in three simple steps:

  1. Choose area(s) of their home.

  2. Choose services and enter measurements.

  3. Fill out personal details and check email for price.


Let us make pricing jobs easy for you today

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